John Ferrentino - Friday August 18, 2017 at 7pm

$ 15.00

There is a great deal of magic involved in comedy and in the case of John Ferrentino this statement can be taken literally. The Long Island born and bred comedian has been one of the most innovative forces on both the comedy and magic scenes for the last two decades.

Ferrentino began a “sensible” career as an X-ray technician at the Bronx Municipal Hospital Center when magic was still a hobby for him. However, he began winning rave reviews as the comic relief at the hospital, regularly bringing in new tricks with which to baffle and amuse his coworkers. This gave him the confidence to take his chances on stage at a new comedy club in Massapequa, Long Island. “The White House” was the forerunner to the comedy club scene and Ferrentino soon became a regular at the talent showcase, performing alongside such noted comics as Ray Romano, Eddie Murphy, Kevin James and Rosie O’Donald.

Ferrentino’s approach to magic was pioneering, combining equal dashes of sleight of hand, sarcastic humor and audience interaction and his success on the comedy club circuit led him to leave the medical profession and follow his heart into the world of performing.

Since then, John has compiled an impressive list of credits. He performed on more than fifty television shows, including “The Pat Sajack Show,” “Caroline’s Comedy Hour,” “Evening At The Improv," and as a regular guest performer on “Comic Strip Live.” Ferrentino has toured with Crosby, Stills and Nash, gained a corporate sponsorship for Coors Light, performed at the World Summit of Magic in Washington DC and has been a regular at The MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The chance to travel overseas came along in the form of Norwegian Cruise Lines. Working exclusively for NCL over the last few years has given John the opportunity to take his unique form of comedy-magic to an international audience.

John has been influential in the Magic fraternity, having written three books about magic, invented numerous magic effects, and performed for thousands of magicians at every major magic convention in the country. The height of his magic expertise culminated in his performance at “The Magic Castle” in Los Angeles, California.